Vacuum Excavation

Air Excavation
The VACMASTERS 4000 delivers high-pressure air through a special nozzle, filling the cracks and crevices in the soil until it actually explodes from the pressure within for easy vacuuming and later backfill with the same dry spoils. It is equipped with a jackhammer and tamper to demolish concrete and pavement and compact backfill and pavement patches.

  • Faster digging in sandy soils
  • No damage to utilities
  • Precise utility visual verification
  • Air is non conductive and safer
  • Spoils stay dry for use as backfill
  • No need to refill water

Hydro Excavation
This Aquatech B-10 Combination sewer jetting and vacuum truck is also set-up to hydro excavate, as well as clean lift stations, grit chambers, culverts, install anodes, shoring systems, or just about any big vacuum job. This truck has been used to vacuum sand and cobbles 38 feet vertically and up to 300 feet horizontally.
  • 10 yard tandem axle sewer jetting and vacuum truck
  • De-watering pump separates grit and inorganic solids from the waste water stream
  • Efficiently cleans pipes and culverts up to 72" in diameter
  • Carries 2000 gallons of water
  • Available by hour or project