Past Jobs


Skunk on the Job

When a fellow vacuum excavation company hired us to help out with a job, we found a skunk at the job site. Don't worry, no skunks were harmed in the making of our business.

Potable Water Line Diagnosis and Jetting

Problem: This drinking water line under a dirt road was struck and broken when somebody (not us) did not dig safely for the electrical. Two months later houses in the neighborhood weren't getting their water.

Solution part I: We first inspected the 3" line with our Drinking Water Camera. What we found was a line half full of heavy gravel that couldn't be flushed from the hydrants. The camera pinpointed the low spot in the line where most of the material had collected.

Solution part II: SFVE daylighted the line at the problem spot, digging with the vacuum to make a safe working area. Then we used sanitized equipment and water to jet 1,000 feet in both directions from that spot, pulling the material out of the line. As the water and gravel flowed out into the pit, we vacuumed it up. The Drinking Water Camera then verified that the lines were clear, and the vacuum maintained the work area while the repairs to the potable water line were done.

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