Water Line Condition Assessment: Under Pressure

Problem: This is a water main like many in rural New Mexico: made of steel and over 50 years old! The condition and position of a line this age is unknown. That makes it difficult for the Water Dept. of the local community to maintain and repair it.

Solution: Solution: The owners of the utility installed a simple 2 tap in the main (where they had to dig it up to replace a very old valve). Santa Fe Vacuum used this tap to inspect the line with our Drinking Water Camera in three directions as it was in service and under pressure. Within 3 hours, the utility owners had information about their line that had never been known before, including:

  • The depth and position of over 500 ft. of water main from the 2 tap
  • Video proof of two valves exercised and sealed
  • Audio proof that the high-pressure fittings are not leaking after the valve replacement
  • Which section of line was tuberculated and possibly needs to be replaced
  • Which section of line is a high spot where air pockets form

That is a whole lot of valuable information to get in one morning about a line installed in the 1960s. The video record of this survey will assist the utility owners for years to come as they maintain their system.