Pipeline Inspection

Pressurized Water System Inspection
Santa Fe Vacuum Excavation is now offering high pressure camera and water line location capabilities while keeping the line in-service.
Using existing access points (fire hydrants, back flow preventers, saddletaps, PRVs, etc.) we can insert our equipment into pressurized pipeline up to 232 psi without disrupting service in order to observe both visually and acoustically. Our cameras and sensors can make up to three 90° bends and operate in temperatures of 23°F to 104°F.

  • Pressurized pipeline inspection up to 220 psi
  • Service does not need to be shut off or drained
  • Fire hydrant or valve style entry point equipment
  • 512 khz transmitter for marking locations of problem areas
  • Inspection of up to 600 ft of pipeline from a single access point
  • Assess pipe condition for corrosion, damage, or blockage and valve operation
  • locate leaks
  • Hydrophone for detecting leaks
  • Industry quality reporting

Pipeline Camera Inspection
We also have a sewer and dry type camera system for inspection of non pressurized systems. This approach is prefered for Sewer, Electrical, & other pipeline systems where a cost competitive solution is desired.
  • Horizontal inspection up to 300 ft
  • Tablet based interface for multiple screen inspection
  • Water display