About Us

When a tunneling job went wrong because nobody knew how to properly locate utilities nor use a safer method to dig than drilling, John H. Brown decided that some changes are needed for the sake of everyone’s safety.

In 2007, John noticed that the only industry that uses vacuum trucks in the state of New Mexico is the oil industry in Farmington. He thought, “Why not anyone else?” When he worked with another construction job that had a problem with mud and the best solution was to use a vacuum truck, he tried to convince the company to invest in one to make the job easier and safer. After the company said no, he decided to take matters into his own hands and looked into investing in his own vacuum truck. He found one for sale in the state of Georgia and did a quick road trip to obtain it and have used it since. Throughout time he and his son, Tim Brown, found beneficial alterations to improve the truck to have more uses out of it. Afterwards they have modified their truck to become a wet vac truck and a dry vac truck. Over time business grew quickly for them and in 2008 they bought a vacmasters truck from Denver. It was modified to function the way they want to, making the job less tedious, and it contributed to their business since.

Since he took the risks and made it all work out, he made vacuum excavation his own business and then other companies followed his example by using vacuum trucks as a safer way of excavating and taking locating utilities more seriously.

Rainbow on Vacuum Truck