Past Jobs

star shaped tool in a hole

Digging for a Mall

We dug a 3ft diameter hole for a large electrical sign post at a mall. To make sure it’s the right size, we used measuring tape with a star shaped tool attached to a pole. That tool attached to the pole is what you see in this picture.

daylighting by the interstate

Intstalling by the Interstate

A company was installing a water line alongside the interstate. So we helped them out through utility locating via daylighting.

water pipe break

Emergency Water Pipe Repair

We responded to an emergency call for utility locating and excavating. As we were wrapping up for the day, we noticed that the underground boring operation hit a water pipe. So we worked with the contractor’s backhoe to give the repair folk enough room to get in there and confirm the break’s location. The soil was very sandy and crumbly, but that didn’t stop us from getting the job done.

Draining Underground Sewage

Hose for the Job

A casino needed their sewage drained for inspection before it can be used. We needed a long hose to reach the tank about 15 feet underground so we can drain it.

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