Past Jobs

Water Line Condition Assessment: Under Pressure

Problem: This is a water main like many in rural New Mexico: made of steel and over 50 years old! The condition and position of a line this age is unknown. That makes it difficult for the Water Dept. of the local community to maintain and repair it.

Solution: Solution: The owners of the utility installed a simple 2” tap in the main (where they had to dig it up to replace a very old valve). Santa Fe Vacuum used this tap to inspect the line with our Drinking Water Camera in three directions as it was in service and under pressure. Within 3 hours, the utility owners had information about their line that had never been known before, including:

  • The depth and position of over 500 ft. of water main from the 2” tap
  • Video proof of two valves exercised and sealed
  • Audio proof that the high-pressure fittings are not leaking after the valve replacement
  • Which section of line was tuberculated and possibly needs to be replaced
  • Which section of line is a high spot where air pockets form

That is a whole lot of valuable information to get in one morning about a line installed in the 1960’s. The video record of this survey will assist the utility owners for years to come as they maintain their system.

Leachate Line Troubleshooting at Roswell Municipal Landfill

Problem: A basketball found its way 115ft down a leachate line at the landfill. Nobody could figure out a way to retrieve it.

Solution: SFVE modified a pneumatic claw to grab and puncture the basketball. We sent both the claw and our SeeSnake sewer camera down the line on a PVC straw. When we reached the ball at 112 ft, we maneuvered it using the camera and the claw closed securely onto it. Then we pulled it right out! This approach solved the problem and did not require any excavation or modification of the leachate line.

Clogged Culvert

Jetting A Large Culvert

Problem: In one location, the road kept washing away, and when a small construction company re-graded the road, they discovered a buried 6” culvert. It was completely plugged, and there were utilities running over it.

Solution: We jetted out the culvert.

Under House

Under A House

Problem: Client had to install two drip irrigation lines in order to drain their cistern onto their garden to comply with the Santa Fe City building code. However, the client did not own the land in front of their garage. So the only place they could install the line was underneath the house. It was too small of a job for a directional bore, and that would have been too costly.

Solution: We water probed underneath the house, jetted the hole wider, and then pulled the new pipes through.

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