Past Jobs

Flooded Mine

Flooded Mine

Problem: At a city Solid Waste Management location, they were attempting to drill and then blow up a rock shelf. It rained and filled all of their drill holes with water. In order to continue using their dynamite, they needed to dry out the holes. All of the holes were around 30' deep and 4" wide.

Solution: We used a vacuum truck with a really long 3" diameter hose and a forklift.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plan

Problem: A Waste Water Treatment Plant had a problem with drainage. Their denitrification chambers needed to be cleaned, but they couldn't drain or pump the sand out of the chambers before cleaning.

Solution: We used our large vacuum truck to remove the sand. Then we drained off the water to a nearby manhole in order to maximize our efficiency during the job.

Utility Substation

Utility Substation Pole Hole

Problem: Client had the need for a hole 6’ deep and 18” wide in order to place a pole. This was a problem because it was inside of a concrete walled electrical substation with lots of high voltage lines branching in every direction underground.

Solution: We used an air truck to dig the hole. We also used a barrel interceptor so that the dirt taken out of the hole stayed close at hand and be used for backfill once the pole was in place.

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