Past Jobs

Excavating Guard Rail

Installing Guard Rails

While a casino was under construction, they needed guard rails installed on the work site to prevent cars from driving into it. We excavated holes for the installment because they had to reach a certain distance underground so the posts and rails can stay secured in place.

Dirty Permaculture Tank

Permaculture Tank Cleanout

On someone’s private property, their permaculture tanks needed to be cleaned out. They were sitting in a field long enough to be caked in dirt before they could even install it. Some levels of dirt were even a foot deep. So we had to break up the dirt with air and/or poles before we could vacuum it out.

installing water catch systems

Water Catch System

For a private rural resort complex, they needed help with installing a water catchment system and other plumbing systems. We worked alongside the plumbing and electricians to fulfill this project. We contributed by exposing existing utilities with our excavation and make work access spaces for the other companies. We cut lines in the main road 3-6 feet deep to install the pipes without blocking vehicle traffic nor making the roads hazardous.

vacuum excavating utilities

For Installing Solar Lines

At a private rural resort complex, a construction company needed help with exposing utilities while making space for them to lay in their own solar power line to an existing utility station surrounded by coyote fence. We dug about six feet outside of their coyote fence too so they can take over with their backhoe without risking breaking existing utility lines.

excavating utilities

Under Utilities

While a pueblo was constructing a casino, they realized a pipe was needed to be installed underneath existing utilities and walls. So they called us to excavate for the workers so they can have space to work underneath existing utilities and instal the pipe. There was a bit of tricky maneuvering that needed to be done, but it was easy for us to pull off just fine.

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